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Stay Up to Date on My Work in Washington

Jul 16, 2015
The Serrano Report

Dear Friend,

As your representative in Congress, I work hard every day to make sure your concerns and priorities are heard in our nation’s capital as public policies and laws are debated. Today, more than ever, when some in Congress want to reduce government spending and our nation’s deficit on the backs of hard working Americans, I am continuously fighting to protect the government programs and services that are so important to you and your family.

Here are a few things that I have been working on lately:

• A few months ago, I worked with several other Members of Congress to introduce a bipartisan amendment to the Student Success Act to expand access to STEM education at Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSI).  The amendment was approved in the House of Representatives.

• Last month, as a senior member of the House Appropriations Committee, I successfully added an amendment to the CJS Appropriations bill to restore funding to a program that is part of President Obama’s efforts to address problems between local police and the communities they serve.  I also included funding to establish a pilot information desk program at our nation's busiest immigration courts to provide individuals going through deportation proceedings with information, legal advice, and referral to legal counsel. 

• Three weeks ago, as Ranking Member of the House Appropriations Financial Services and General Government Subcommittee, I defended net neutrality during the full committee mark up of the Financial Service and General Government bill by introducing an amendment to get rid of a number of riders inserted by the Republican majority in the bill aimed at preventing the FCC from implementing net neutrality rules. Net neutrality is crucial to ensuring that individuals and businesses in the Bronx and elsewhere are able to find jobs, innovate, and build their businesses.

• And last week, my bill (H.R. 1350) to honor Puerto Rican trailblazer and former Bronx Representative Herman Badillo by renaming the Morrisania Post Office after him was approved in the Senate after it was approved in the House of Representatives last month. Now that the bill has been approved by both chambers of Congress, it only needs the President’s signature to become law.

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I continue to fight for Bronx priorities in Congress every day. From housing, to economic development, to health care, to immigration, and small businesses, I am here working for you. If you have any questions or need help with a federal agency, please do not hesitate to reach out to my office at 718-620-0084 or e-mail me at


Congressman José E. Serrano