Congressman José E. Serrano

Representing the 15th District of New York

The Serrano Report - Volume XVI, Issue #23

Nov 7, 2017
The Serrano Report

In Washington, DC

Congressman Serrano Meets with Puerto Rican Governor Ricardo Roselló

Last week, Congressman Serrano welcomed Puerto Rican Governor Ricardo Roselló to his D.C. office this week to discuss disaster relief funding for Puerto Rico as well as the ongoing relief efforts in the island.

“I was pleased to meet with Puerto Rico’s Governor Ricardo Rosselló this week to discuss the need for further Congressional and Administration actions to support relief efforts on the island. The Administration must do more across the board to help with relief efforts. There is still a long road ahead but continued coordination among elected officials at the federal and local level will ensure the island recovers. All Puerto Ricans on the island and in the diaspora must come together to help bring the island back to its feet,” Said Serrano.

Congressman Serrano and Puerto Rican Governor Rosello discussing Puerto Rico relief efforts. (11/01/17)

Congressman Serrano and Democratic Colleagues Speak Out on Puerto Rico

Congressman Serrano joined House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and other Democratic colleagues this week to once again call for more aid for Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria:

“The federal government has done too little, too late to help the island. We're not talking about foreign aid; we're talking about American citizens. This lack of action is only allowing the ongoing crisis to get worse,” said Congressman Serrano

Congressman Serrano and Democratic colleagues speaking out on Puerto Rico. (11/02/17)

Congressman Serrano Attends the Wildlife Conservation Society National Bison Day Reception

Also last week, Congressman Serrano attended and spoke at the Wildlife Conservation Society National Bison Day which honors the bison’s legacy as our nation’s national mammal. The bison was on the brink of extension until President Roosevelt decided to bring a sampling of specimens to the Bronx Zoo to give them the proper care and environment necessary to increase their population size. The Bronx Zoo was instrumental in saving our nation’s national mammal and repopulating the wild population of bison.

“The protection of our environment for future generations is something we must all take seriously, regardless of where we live. As a Member of Congress, I have always prioritized protecting our environment by leading efforts to clean up the Bronx River and promoting cleaner air in urban areas.  I was also proud to work with a bipartisan group of members to designate the bison as our country’s national mammal. The Bronx is not usually the first place someone thinks of when they are speaking about environmental preservation but being home to the Bronx Zoo, Bronx River, and the Bronx Botanical Garden really reflects our community’s commitment to preservation. We should be particularly proud of the role the Bronx played in saving the bison –emblem of our culture and history—from extinction,” said Congressman Serrano.

Congressman Serrano speaking at the National Bison Day Reception. (11/02/17)