Congressman José E. Serrano

Representing the 15th District of New York

The Serrano Report, Volume XII, #2

Feb 13, 2015
The Serrano Report

On Capitol Hill

Congressman Serrano Supports President Obama’s Immigration Executive Action Rollout

Today, Congressman Serrano joined colleagues from the Congressional Hispanic Caucus to support the rollout of President Obama’s immigration executive actions next week. Enrollment for the DACA expansion program, a big piece of the President’s plan, begins next Wednesday, February 18. 

Congressman Serrano stated, “President Obama’s immigration executive actions will help families stay together, strengthen our borders, and boost our economy.  I encourage all eligible individuals to prepare and get ready to take advantage of the DACA expansion program and other immigration relief measures that will eventually be available as part of the President’s executive action on immigration.”

Congressman Serrano with other members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.


Congressman Serano Celebrates Decrease in Smartphone Thefts

Today, Congressman Serrano celebrated the decrease in smartphone thefts in New York City and other major cities and once again called for passage of his “kill switch” legislation to ensure all providers are required by law to upgrade their smartphone products with this technology. The news come a year and a half after New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and San Francisco DA George Gascon launched a campaign called Secure our Smartphones. Shortly thereafter, Congressman Serrano introduced “The Smartphone Theft Prevention Act”, H.R. 4065 in the House of Representatives, while Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) introduced identical legislation in the Senate.

 “I am very pleased to learn that thanks to the steps some smartphone providers decided to take after mounting state and federal pressure, including federal legislation introduced by myself and Senator Klobuchar, the amount of phone thefts has significantly decreased. These numbers prove that ‘kill switch’ technology is effective as a theft prevention mechanism and underscore why we need to keep pushing to ensure every smartphone has the tools available that consumers need to protect their device and private data,” said Congressman Serrano. “Kill switch technology works and I urge companies to go further and install kill switches on all smartphones as soon as they can – this is not only in consumer’s interest, but also in their own interest. I also urge my colleagues to join me in passing this important legislation to ensure all smartphone manufacturers and cell phones providers are required by law to include this technology in all devices and do so as standard procedure.”

Congressman Serrano Meets with Representatives from the Arecibo Observatory

On Wednesday, Congressman Serrano met with representatives from the Arecibo Observatory to discuss the recent accomplishments of the scientists that work in the largest single-dish radio telescope in the world. Congressman Serrano renewed his commitment to help the observatory obtain the funding it needs for its operations.

“As a strong supporter of the sciences and a member of the Appropriations Committee, I will do my utmost to maintain the current level of funding for the Arecibo Observatory. This radio telescope is not only one of the most important national centers for research in radio astronomy, planetary radar and terrestrial aeronomy, but also a source of inspiration to tens of thousands of scholars and students in our nation and around the world,” said Congressman Serrano.

Congressman Serrano with representatives from the Arecibo Observatory.


In the Bronx

Congressman Serrano Joins Efforts to Invite Pope Francis to Offer a Mass at Yankee Stadium

On Thursday, Congressman Serrano joined efforts with other local leaders to invite Pope Francis to celebrate a mass at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. The Bronx has hosted other notable world leaders in the past, including Nelson Mandela, Rev. Billy Graham, and three Popes: Paul VI, John Paul II, and Benedict XVI. All three Popes celebrated a mass at the original Yankee Stadium.

“I hope His Holiness accepts our invitation to grace us with his presence and inspire us with his words. As the first Latin American Pope, his visit would be a historic and momentous occasion that would remain with us for generations to come,” said Congressman Serrano.” said Congressman Serrano.