Congressman José E. Serrano

Representing the 15th District of New York

The Serrano Report - September 30, 2019

Sep 30, 2019
The Serrano Report

In Washington, D.C.

Congressman Serrano’s Supports Leader Pelosi’s Opening of Impeachment Inquiry

Last week, Congressman Serrano, Chairman of the Commerce, Justice, Science Appropriations Subcommittee came out in support of Leader Pelosi’s opening of a formal impeachment inquiry. Congressman Serrano announced his support of an impeachment inquiry earlier this year.

“I previously came out in support of opening an impeachment inquiry against President Trump in light of Director Mueller's investigation and his testimony before Congress. At the time, it was evident to me that President Trump committed illegal acts when he attempted to cover up his campaign’s repeated contacts with an adversary country, and that our nation had no recourse in the courts. However, the President’s conduct has now reached a dangerous new low. The recent reports regarding President Trump’s attempt to pressure Ukraine to investigate 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden by threatening to withhold critical foreign aid only confirm that he will stop at nothing for political and personal gain. This is a serious national security issue.  No one in this country should be above the law, particularly when it comes and the integrity of our democracy, our Constitution, and our national security. It is time for Congress to step up and act on its duty to hold the President accountable. This is the right decision and I fully support Speaker Pelosi in taking this step forward on impeachment," said Congressman Serrano. 

Chairman Serrano Leads Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Engagement Hearing

Congressman Serrano chaired a House Appropriations Committee Commerce, Justice and Science Subcommittee hearing on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Engagement with Michael Kincaid, Associate Administrator for STEM Engagement at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and Dr. Karen Marrongelle, Assistant Director of the National Science Foundation for Education and Human Resources. Congressman Serrano understands the need to expand STEM education in the United States, and the hearing evaluated what tools we can and should use to address this issue. 

Watch Congressman Serrano's full line of questioning below:

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Congressman Serrano Attends CHCI Leadership Conference Panel On Puerto Rico

Congressman Serrano gave opening remarks at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute's (CHCI) annual Leadership Conference Panel, Rebuilding Puerto Rico: The Path Forward. In his remarks Congressman Serrano emphasized the need to continue pushing for equal treatment allocation of resources for the territories, specially Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands which are still feeling the effects of Hurricane Maria two years after landfall. 

"Almost 2 years ago, Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The entire island went dark, hundreds of thousands lost their homes, and an estimated 3,000 people died as a result. Thousands are still living in roofless homes, lack access to clean water, and unexpected power outages are a daily reality. We need solutions for Puerto Rico. I’ve been fighting for fairness because it’s long past time for our federal government to do it’s job to help the island recover," said Congressman Serrano. 

Congressman Serrano with panelists at the Rebuilding Puerto Rico: The Path Forward panel. (9.11.19)

Chairman Serrano Leads Hearing on DOJ’s Community Relations Service

Last week, Congressman Serrano led the House Appropriations Committee Commerce, Justice and Science Subcommittee hearing on the Department of Justice's Community Relations Service with Gerri Ratliff, the Deputy Director of the Community Relations Service.

"The Community Relations Service, or CRS, has a unique mission within the Justice Department. Rather than being focused on law enforcement or the administration of justice, it fills the gap that exists before those roles come into play. CRS is a small part of the Department of Justice, but it has an important role in helping to reduce tension and find common ground when discrimination, violence, or hate crimes occur in our nation’s communities," said Congressman Serrano. 

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In The Bronx

Congressman Serrano Meets with the Food Bank for New York City

Last week, Congressman Serrano met with representatives from the Food Bank for New York City in Washington, D.C. during their annual Anti-Hunger Advocacy Day. They discussed ways in which they are fighting food insecurity on the ground in The Bronx and across New York City. They also discussed actions that Congress could take to battle this issue head on. Congressman Serrano pointed out his commitment and unconditional support of efforts to fight food insecurity as a member of the appropriations committee.

“Had the pleasure to meet with members of the Food Bank for New York City. They are passionate about tackling the food insecurity that affects the families and individuals in our communities, and tirelessly advocate on their behalf. TEFAP, SNAP and child nutrition programs are an important part of these efforts, and I will continue support full funding for these programs,” said Congressman Serrano.

The Food Bank For New York City’s network of emergency food providers across the five boroughs works every day to help close the Meal Gap that food insecure New Yorkers face every day.

Congressman Serrano with representatives from the Food Bank for New York City. (9.26.19)

Congressman Serrano Attends 2019 Annual Family Day in The Bronx

Congressman Serrano attended the 2019 Annual Family Day at Concourse Village in the Bronx. He joined local residents and elected officials in the festivities that included live music, food and games. Throughout his years of service in Congress, Congressman Serrano has attended this event every year.  

“It was a a pleasure to spend time with so many families from the Bronx and listen to their needs and concerns. It always gives me great pleasure to spend time with my constituents as a community and to support them through my work in the Bronx and in Congress,” said Congressman Serrano

Congressman Serrano with local elected officials, community leaders, and local residents at the 2019 Annual Family Day at Concourse Village. (8.24.19)