Congressman José E. Serrano

Representing the 15th District of New York

Congressman Serrano Votes Against Anti-Immigrant Bills

Jun 29, 2017
Press Release

Washington, DC – Congressman Serrano today voted against two anti-immigrant bills -- H.R. 3003, the "No Sanctuary for Criminals Act"; and H.R. 3004, “Kate’s Law” --and released the following statement:

“These bills are just two more pieces of President Trump’s anti-immigrant mass deportation agenda.  The reality is that these bills, if they become law, will actually undermine local law enforcement and our national security. By requiring cities and states to cooperate with federal immigration enforcement activities or otherwise lose federal funding for important law enforcement and homeland security programs, H.R. 3003 coerces local authorities to become an immigration enforcement arm of the federal government.  That bill also greatly expands the federal government’s capacity to detain immigrants indefinitely during removal proceedings.  H.R. 3004 would broadly attempt to further criminalize and stigmatize all undocumented immigrants, even allowing for the prosecution of someone who is seeking asylum.  By expanding federal authorities reach and prohibiting policies to build trust, local immigrant residents will be less likely to cooperate with the authorities, making our communities less safe. These bills demonize immigrants and undermine public safety.  That is why I opposed them in the House, and ask that my colleagues in the Senate do the same.”



Congressman José E. Serrano has represented The Bronx in Congress since 1990.  He is a Senior member of the House Appropriations Committee.