Congressman José E. Serrano

Representing the 15th District of New York

Congressman Serrano Joins Democrats to Unveil “A Better Deal” Agenda for Working Families

Jul 25, 2017
Press Release

Washington, DC – Congressman Serrano joined his Democratic colleagues in Congress to unveil their new economic agenda for the American people – A Better Deal: Better Jobs, Better Wages, Better Future.

“Last week, our nation marked six months since the inauguration of President Trump,” said Congressman Serrano.  “And even with full control of the legislative process, Republicans have not done a single thing to create good-paying jobs, raise the wages of hard-working Americans or rein in health costs.  Democrats are offering A Better Deal that will provide better jobs, better wages and a better future for all hard-working Americans.”

“Hard-working men and women across our nation are tired of being left out and left behind. The American people deserve A Better Deal that puts them first – not a recycling of the tired, failed Republican proposals that tilt the playing field in favor of corporations and the super-rich,” said Congressman Serrano.  “I am proud to join my fellow Democrats to unveil this new ambitious proposal to provide real solutions to create a brighter, more secure economic future for Americans.”

A Better Deal centers on three core objectives:

    1. Creating millions more good-paying, full time jobs and raising wages;

    2. Lowering the cost of living for America’s families, and

    3. Building an economy that gives every American the tools to succeed in the 21st century.

To accomplish these goals, this new economic agenda includes effective ideas to support hard-working Americans, including:

  • Creating good-paying, full-time jobs for 10 million more Americans in the next five years through investment in infrastructure, small businesses, and job training partnerships;
  • Lowering the cost of prescription drugs and ending outrageous drug price gouging;
  • Cracking down on monopolies and big corporate mergers that hurt consumers, workers and competition.

Democrats’ “Better Deal” provides Americans with a roadmap to grow the economy and strengthen the middle class. While Republicans continue to push the same old trickle-down economics and giving handouts to those at the top, Democrats are making sure that the government is on the side of working Americans.

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Congressman José E. Serrano has represented The Bronx in Congress since 1990.  He is a Senior member of the House Appropriations Committee.