Congressman José E. Serrano

Representing the 15th District of New York


Civil Rights / Civil Liberties

Congressman Serrano believes that the federal government must work to provide all Americans with equal protection under the law and to help those groups that have traditionally been discriminated against.

Economy and Jobs

Congressman Serrano believes that more must be done to help those who have the least in our nation. He believes that we must do more to create good jobs that provide a living wage for residents of the Bronx.


Having worked in education before entering politics, Congressman Serrano is deeply interested in education issues. He believes that promoting quality education across the country is critical for helping people get high quality jobs.


Congressman Serrano believes clearing the air and improving the environment is a top priority in the South Bronx. Actively supporting a new, healthy vision for his District, the Congressman has worked for decades on environmental justice issues such as quality parks, breathable air and clean waterways.

Financial Services

At the start of the 110th Congress in 2007, Congressman Serrano assumed the chairmanship of a newly created Appropriations Subcommittee. He became the first Chairman of the Appropriations Subcommittee on Financial Services and General Government. He has remained the Chairman of this Subcommittee during the 111th Congress and has continued his efforts to make sure that the American people benefit and are provided with real services and assistance from the government agencies under his Subcommittee’s jurisdiction.

Foreign Wars

Congressman Serrano remains strongly opposed to our current military involvement in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. He believes that the United States should be constructive, not destructive, in its attempts to promote democracy and freedom around the world.


Congressman Serrano has advocated for a healthcare system that provides coverage to all.

Health Care Reform

For years residents of the Bronx have struggled to get quality, affordable health care. In 2009, Congressman Serrano proudly voted in favor of the Affordable Care Act, which will bring coverage within reach of millions of American families. As the law's reforms have gone into effect, the law's popularity has increased, and yet Congressman Serrano is still helping to defend it against political attacks that would undermine it.

Homeland Security

As a representative from New York City, which is perhaps the number one target for terrorists, Congressman Serrano understands the importance of a Department of Homeland Security that is competent and capable of protecting citizens from potential acts of terrorism.


Congressman Serrano is committed to the idea that low income and working families have a right to safe, decent and affordable housing in this country.


The United States is one of the wealthiest nations in the world. Our agricultural products compete worldwide and bring billions of dollars into our domestic economy.


Throughout its history, immigrants have been a critical part of the culture and the economy of the United States.

Latin America

Since 1823 when President James Monroe famously warned Europe about interfering in the new world, the United States has taken a particular interest in the Western Hemisphere.

Puerto Rico

Without voting representation in Congress, Puerto Rico has often had to depend on Members like Congressman Serrano to ensure the island is treated with respect and fairness.

The Bronx

Congressman Serrano represents New York’s 15th Congressional District, loosely bounded by the Harlem, Bronx, and East Rivers on the west, south, and east, extending north up past Fordham Road.


Transportation infrastructure is vital to the smooth functioning of our economy and society. The Bronx is part of a city which relies on public transportation to a far greater extent than others.

Voting Rights

Congressman Serrano is a strong supporter of efforts to ensure that all Americans have the right to vote and the security to know that their vote has been correctly counted.