Serrano Statement on Trayvon Martin Killing

Mar 23, 2012 Issues: Civil Rights

Washington, DC – Congressman José E. Serrano issued the following statement concerning the death of Trayvon Martin in Florida and subsequent lack of an arrest or charges in the case.

“It is clear to me that Trayvon Martin’s killing merited an arrest and the filing of charges,” said Serrano. “This child was walking home from the store with candy. I fail to see how he could have posed a threat to a man with a gun – who had been told by the police to stop following him. Regardless of the “stand your ground” law in Florida, I believe that the person who took his life should be arrested and charged with a crime, and a jury should decide whether he is guilty or not. It defies reason to say that you can follow a child down the street, end up killing him and never face justice. That lack of consequence in unacceptable in our nation, and smacks of a justice system gone awry.

“I am heartened to hear that Attorney General Eric Holder has deployed the resources of the Justice Department to investigate and potentially bring a charges in this matter. It’s a sad situation that local law enforcement could not handle this issue correctly, which unfortunately reminds many people of a not-too-distant past, where only federal resources could ensure fair treatment of minorities. Like so many others, I had hoped that we were past that point in our nation’s history.

“My heart goes out to the family of Trayvon, who lost a son, and have had to face the possibility that the person who killed him could continue to walk free. I applaud them for their persistence in denouncing the injustice that the system is perpetrating upon their son’s memory. I hope that Attorney General Holder can help them by bringing appropriate charges and closing this case. We must heed the family’s calls for justice and for truth. Our nation is called to that purpose and we must listen and act.”